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Nadia Nawaar
Nadia Nawaar, teacher, dancer, and choreographer has begun her training since she was a child studying the competitive artistic gymnastics. Her passion for sports and dance led her to obtain the C.O.N.I. diploma and subsequently to become a fitness instructor.
The meeting with Zahyra initiated her into the love with the oriental dance and represented the inception of a new passion and the beginning of a new professional journey.
She obtained a diploma MIDAS as Oriental Dance Teacher, thereafter first and second degree at the “Belly Dance of School” of Sueila Salimpour (USA). In 2006 she became a F.I.D.S. Federal Technical instructor.
As a choreographer and teacher, she has participated in events, conventions and dance shows in Italy and abroad.In 2009 she spent long time in Cairo, performing in a series of shows and studying with the best Egyptian masters. This occasion provided her the chance to better understand this culture and their fascinating people, enriching her background from both professional and human perspectives.
Since 2008 she has been participating as teacher at the international show “Danza in Fiera” and in 2010she collaborated as artistic directorfor the oriental sector. During this event she presented the “Belly Burlesque”, a new dance that made her known and appreciated by the wider public. She presented this dance both in Italy and abroad during workshops and courses.
Later, her continuous research for a deeper knowledge of this dance brought her to open the “Belly Dance Academy”, which is primarily aimed at making this dance known through a detailed work program for professional dancers.
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