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Lara Farah
Professional dancer and teacher and para-doctor based in Padova, in Venice region.
She started to studying classical dance at the age of 5 and till 1998, after she started to study oriental dance without stop.
Since 2004 she collaborate   with Taus club, Marhaba Rome Festival, studying  with Maryem Bent Anis .
Since 2006 she is Art Director of "Le 1001 Notte" oriental dance professional group.
2006 - M.i.d.a.s. teacher
2006 - F.i.d.s. athletic trainer  
2008 - M.i.d.a.s trainer  
2008 - F.i.d.s. competition judge  
2015 - Federal teacher  
Since 2009  Lara teaches dance for pregnancy and for pelvic floor recovery at Elysium Clinic.
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