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Emanuela Camozzi
 Emanuela Camozzi, teacher, choreographer, trainer of Oriental dance and Arabic folklore for more than 20 years.
 Passionate about the whole world of dance, and with a past, from an early age, immersed in modern jazz and contemporary dance, she falls in love with Middle Eastern dance after a long working stay in Egypt in 1999, where she begins her studies directly in the land  origin of this dance, exclusively with Egyptian Theachers . 
 She has been studying in Cairo since 2005 with the great names of Egyptian dance and through the continuous training of her masters, she obtains a complete preparation in both folkloric and classical oriental dance.  She is the artistic director of Dararaqs oriental dance studio, the first Venetian school dedicated to Middle Eastern dance since 2008.
 She organizer and founder of one of the biggest European events of a few years ago the Heshk Beshk festival, she was the creator of many intensive events in her city where she collaborated with some of the greatest masters of this sector.
 She graduated from Midas in 2008 and subsequently Asi, of which she is regional manager and trainer for the Doe sector of oriental ethnic dances.
 She loves to transmit this art while respecting her uses and customs.
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