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Graduated as a fashion designer.
Graduated from the FIBES federation as Oriental Dance teacher (recognized by the Federico II University of Naples).
She attended the ballet academy for ten years, only later at the age of 16 she was intensely fascinated by the first oriental dance lesson
She studies with passion to get to dance as a professional dancer, and to train as a teacher.
In 2002 she began her career as a teacher and opened a holistic wellness center with the oriental dance school called "DANZA & BENESSERE"
She deepens her background studying the body with Chinese and Indian medicine and the study of various sweet gymnastics of Eastern origin such as Qi Cong and Yoga (arriving at the ATS and Tribal Fusion style)
She studies Arabic music and performs as a percussion musician with Darbuka, Tora, Cymbals and Sagat  choreographing musical composition and dance.
She has performed as a professional dancer with musicians such as the Baladi, the Ons, in various television programs and at various international festivals as a guest of the event, and national fashion shows.
Many of her cultural travels in the Middle East between Cairo and the Maghreb, she studies dance with passion, so much so that he reaches the Pacific islands for the Hawaiian "Hula" dance and in Papeete (French Polynesia) for the Tahitian dance.
Motivated to improve more and more as a teacher, she studies dance from an emotional therapy point of view that can accompany the woman in the most beautiful phases of life such as pregnancy.
She continues to teach today by creating a method that is particularly attentive to the study of posture and energy, giving in his lessons the culture and that mystical oriental magic but, above all, by choosing a quality dance.
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